Daniel and Revelation Prophecies Lesson Study Guides

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Bible prophecy will come to life as you study these beautifully illustrated, easy-to-follow guides.

  • Unlock mysteries about God and His plan for you and our world.
  • Know God better through His messages in the books of Daniel and Revelation.
  • Discover that the Bible predicts accurately the rise and fall of nations.
  • Understand the meaning of the Mark of the Beast, the Antichrist, and the Millennium.


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Daniel Prophecy Lessons 1-7

Prophecy Lesson 1 – Daniel 1 & 2: Bad Happens But God Provides

Prophecy Lesson 2 – Daniel 3 & 4: The Life and Times

Prophecy Lesson 3 – Daniel 5 & 6: Running the Wrong Way

Prophecy Lesson 4 – Daniel 7: Curtain to the Future

Prophecy Lesson 5 – Daniel 8: Right Wins

Prophecy Lesson 6 – Daniel 9: God Steps In

Prophecy Lesson 7 – Daniel 10 – 12: God Walks on Earth

Revelation Prophecy Lessons 8-20

Prophecy Lesson 8 – Revelation 1: God Still Leads

Prophecy Lesson 9 – Revelation 2 – 3: Someone Cares About You

Prophecy Lesson 10 – Revelation 4 – 5: Someone is in Charge

Prophecy Lesson 11 – Revelation 6 – 7: Adopted by the King

Prophecy Lesson 12 – Revelation 8 – 10: Jesus Wins!

Prophecy Lesson 13 – Revelation 10:1-11:12: God’s Team Wins

Prophecy Lesson 14 – Revelation 12: Conspiracy to Murder

Prophecy Lesson 15 – Revelation 13: Future Warnings

Prophecy Lesson 16 – Revelation 14: Message from the Angels

Prophecy Lesson 17 – Revelation 15 &16: The End is Near

Prophecy Lesson 18 – Revelation 17 &18: Time is Running Out

Prophecy Lesson 19 – Revelation 19 & 20: Is God Fair?

Prophecy Lesson 20 – Revelation 20 & 21: Home at Last

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  1. Will you please send me some lesson concerning end of times and new world. During our Easter camp meeting we had the lesson from the book of Danial 6, 8, 12 and Revalations 12. Time was short and wish to study from you and have best knowledge.
    I will be glad with your best regards.

  2. Teena Harris says:

    I’m interested in purchasing The Books of the Bible musical plays of Daniel and Revelation. I’m going to a seminar at our local seventh day adventist church and I have really enjoyed watching them and would love my grandchildren to learn from them. Thank you.

  3. Pastor Rex KOI says:

    I am a conference secretary and have gone through your webpage and are so eager to down load what you have on line.
    Prayers will be with you and needs more amazing latest prophecies on power point.

    The Lord Bless

    Pr. Rex KOI
    Conference Secretary
    South Pacific Division
    Papua New Guinea

  4. Great work ,helpful.

  5. Mandela Ncube says:

    lovely and eye openning

  6. How can i enrol online?

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